Footwear Fables W/ Suzanne Oudehengel

Andrew ThompsonBy Andrew Thompson2nd July 20201 MinutesIn Arts, Podcast, Design

For this footwear fable, I will be talking to Suzanne Oude Hengel a very talented knitted textile researcher, programmer and footwear innovator based in Arnhem The Netherlands. Her focus is on researching and developing functionalities in footwear through knitted techniques.

Suzanne graduated from ArtEZ University in Arnhem in 2015 with a degree in Product Design. 

During an exchange to Aalto University in Finland, she had the opportunity to learn basic knitting skills. Now she works on a variety of machines including the latest flatbed and circular knitting machines from both Stoll and Santoni.

The technical aspect of knitting intrigues her to think further and bigger, but to also try to push boundaries of both the materials and the machines.

Her aim is to reform and rethink the manufacturing process and the production of shoes, that is why she uses techniques in an unconventional way.

Aim is to reform and rethink the manufacturing process and productions of shoes

— Suzanne Oudehengel