Footwear Fables W/ Niek Pulles _Season 2

Andrew ThompsonBy Andrew Thompson13th May 20212 MinutesIn Arts, Podcast, Design

FootwearFables Season 2 | Creativity through Thought

Fablefootworks is a Footwear, Accessories Design and Thought Leadership agency promoting more sustainable and inclusive practises in the creative process. These podcasts are used to amplify experiences personal and professional to a broader audience. Influence that spreads beyond audio and visual.

For the first edition of the second season of Footwear Fables we have a discussion with Niek Pulles (@heyniek ) a contemporary artist and a member of Nike ISPA catalyst creation team. Like most I have really enjoyed the output coming out of the Nike ISPA team @_team_team_team_team_team_team, If you have one of these Nike pieces your lucky as the number of shoes produced were quite limited.

This was scheduled to be part of series of short vignettes more off the cuff conversation which was just going to be shared across different platforms. However this conversation was effortlessly engaging, linking general chit chat, sustainability / circularity, future design, Cars, Basketweaving, Jazz and 90’s hiphop it had to be put out on a podcast.

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I hope you enjoy !!! Thanks for listening

“If can we think more local by local, we can solve more problems by changing the infrastructure, or be more sustainable by rethinking about the transportation of materials or product. That’s how design can play a part. “

— Niek Pulles