Footwear Fables W/ Solene Roure

Andrew ThompsonBy Andrew Thompson8th December 20202 MinutesIn Arts, Podcast, Design

For this footwear fable I will be talking to Solene Roure a creative force within the footwear industry who has a list of extraordinary list of achievements. she will be sharing her thoughts about unlocking creativity, the Industry today, personal insights, the positive power of self belief and creativity   

There are some very fascinating facts about Solene career she became the first international footwear design intern at Nike hired by the infamous Aaron cooper. Also She became the first sneaker designer at Louis Vuitton, a 2 year freelance contract launched her independent career. She then went on to collaborate with global brands focusing on the juxtaposition between fashion and sport 

clients included Mc Queen, GoldenGoose, Hummel, Clarks Originals , Solene also spent sometime championing creativity as the artistic director of Italian luxury sneaker brand Hogan (owned by Tods)

Following that she was Partner and designer at Primury, an independent unisex sneaker brand. Solene introduced the concepts of responsible design and created some exciting concepts during her time there. Around the same time  Solene joined Timberland construct, which was an incredible experience and re-inspired her to open up the collaborative aspect of design. She is also a contributor of renown concept kicks collective.

Quite recently she has  decided to only work with brands and people who share her values. Solene operates out of London as a design consultant, and her current highlight is being Creative Director of Circle sportswear, a circular running and yoga start up for men and woman. Only available in France right now. A very exciting venture Working more in innovation and collaboration. Her role as creative lead is to tell the story from product to brand not only satisfied with predicting the future but trying to invent it.


“There is a huge opportunity with Sustainability and this is the communication part. Not many brands know how to make it fun digestible and engaging “

— Solene Roure